About Us

BMC is much more than a management consulting firm.  Our staff collaborates their strengths and efforts to facilitate all projects from start to finish.  Through our marketing and sales strategies, industry know-how, long-standing business relationships and talented trained professionals, we are able to develop processes, programs, sales initiatives, event management applications and thereby create, plan and develop conferences from start to finish.  We engineer proper methodologies required for building success.

Brown Management Consulting (BMC) represents Tarsus Medical Division’s portfolio of six successful medical education brands and is dedicated to taking each one to the next level by applying deep industry expertise.  Because there is not one solution for each business, each individual entity requires our utmost attention and time. By using our proven business mechanisms in each aspect of the business to enhance the position in the competitive business climate of the medical industry, we ensure success. 

Our experience from all angles of the business enables us to build our client’s capabilities and leadership skills at every phase, which has allowed us to aid in the education of over 24,000 trade experts and leaders.  Brown Management Consulting will continue to lead the charge for improving client’s business acumen, insight and marketability both nationally and globally.  We aim to make all of the brands we represent stand out in the industry and uphold our business promises by demonstrating integrity, professionalism, and unsurpassed performance.

Mission for Tarsus Medical Clients

BMC is dedicated to provide success by meeting the educational needs of healthcare providers in order to advance their knowledge and clinical skills in a competitive environment and ever-changing healthcare landscape. By creating successful marketing initiatives, pioneering the most current, relevant business strategies in the healthcare education field and creating custom business models, we go above and beyond what is expected in management consulting.  Through our time tested techniques, expertise, passionate commitment and careful attention to detail, we put together incomparable events and programs and strive to surpass expectations.

BMC’s key focus for the Tarsus Medical Group is to expand educational programming into Preventative and Integrative Medicine in a changing U.S. healthcare landscape. This parallels the shift towards personalized medicine, which continues to create new business models and opportunities within the healthcare industry that all parties, including doctors, will have to adapt to in order to stay competitive. Tarsus Medical’s goal is to create a platform of premier medical educational programs with groundbreaking curricula that is attractive to clinicians, industry sponsors, academic institutions, and other organizations.  BMC is working hard to achieve this goal.

Due to the shift, physicians and allied health professionals are seeking new and advanced methods to prevent disease, treat patients, and improve clinical outcomes in a challenging environment. In evaluating the increased market changes, as well as its total growth, Brown Management Consulting aims to help the Tarsus Medical offerings get doctors to become the intersection between healthcare, technology and a patient’s lifestyle. 

Moreover, as technology is advancing and clinical methods now apply systems biology with deep personalized, preventive and proactive roots, the healthcare practitioner of the future must become an expert in many areas to succeed and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

BMC strives to help Tarsus Medical Group take the lead to meet these expectations by expanding educational programming, providing science-based information, affiliating with prestigious academic institutions, aligning with expert faculty and key opinion leaders, and utilizing advanced educational technologies. “Regardless of what they specialize in, physicians can turn to us for high quality education, innovative, interactive events in which they can network, and practice-changing protocols,” says Doreen Brown, CEO of Brown Management Consulting.  “Bringing these entities together enables us to offer more value to our practitioners and empowers them to transform and strengthen their practices within a rapidly changing industry.”